Jason Morrow

I’m glad to see you’re looking further into our company. You probably have a lot of questions and that’s ok! I know when I first starting marketing my business online, the learning curve was tremendous. For you, the neat thing is that you don’t have to go through all the growing pains as I have already thoroughly walked down that road for you. Allow me to share a little bit about myself so you better know who you’re considering doing business with…

For me, it all started on my 18th birthday, when my mother gifted my first computer and I was instantly hooked. I signed up for AOL through my 56k modem and was fascinated by the accessibility of information, communications, software, creating documents and the power of DOS commands. This is also where I started learning about web design, business and online marketing through trial and error, online courses and all the books I could get my hands on.

At the same time, I was also getting engaged to be married and needed to focus on a career. Because both my grandfather and father worked at the steel mill, I assumed that I would walk in similar footsteps. So, I graduated from trade school and started work immediately.

Soon into my welding career, I felt that something was missing. I wasn’t fulfilled, felt out of place and wanted more from life. Being a natural architect, and somewhat non-traditional, I enjoy examining and analyzing information. And, after a few short years I decided to get out of welding altogether and transition into some sort of internet related sales position to follow my passion and better provide for my young family.

Through my increasing web design skills as well as my limited online sales and marketing experience, I was able to land a newly created position as an Internet Sales Manager for a large finance corporation. Even came with a view, loved it! We sold B2B ecommerce services through an in-bound consultative approach, which was all about the numbers. Thorough and on-going ecommerce training was also provided through industry leaders such as Authorize.net and Verisign.

I attended many trade shows and learned the importance of Value Added Resellers, building partnerships and affiliate relations. I also developed, launched and streamlined their Affiliate Program where I grew the base by 88% within the first six months. This really opened my eyes to national commerce and all the money being made online as I was seeing it first-hand.

During my time there, I noticed a large hand-full of companies making serious money online. Then, one day, I noticed that one particular client was processing just under a half million dollars per month in online sales and I knew I had the capability to successfully model this online business. So, I started working on the development of a similar niche ecommerce website on a part-time basis.

After just a few short years, the company I was working for started prepping for the launch of their IPO (Initial Public Offering) and our department was soon downsized. Fortunately, I was immediately able to land a position with a competitor as Director of Affiliate Relations and was able to continue honing my online marketing, relationship building, content writing and web design skills to a fine point. Unfortunately, it was a “trial” position so I soon found myself out of another job.

To put it mildly, I had enough. Since I was developing my ecommerce website on a part-time basis for about a year at this point, I decided to take it on full-time. Within 12 months my wife was able to leave her corporate job as an executive assistant to work with me where we grew the company an average of 34% annually.

I was hungry, it was really working. But, I wanted to hit the kind of numbers I saw back when I was an Internet Sales Manager. I noticed from our website statistics that 84% of our sales were coming from the search engines. And, that segment of traffic was of a much higher quality than referral and paid  traffic (more page views, conversions, return visits). So, it made sense that I would focus my efforts there. I hired a search engine optimization company to optimize our website and within a few months we were dominating our space and made it to position #1 for our primary keyword. That keyword was worth thousands of dollars to our company for quite a few years. We actually had about 40,000 keywords we ranked favorably for and the website ranked the top 5 most visited websites in the world within it’s niche.

We started to invest into the functionality of our website by addressing issues like cart abandonment, merchandising and optimizing our conversion rates, which to me, was very exciting. Think about it… If you convert 1% at checkout and increase this rate by 1% (very realistic), you have just doubled your gross income! All with the existing traffic you already have. That’s incredibly cool…

So, I hired the SEO company three more times and after the fourth time decided we knew enough about the process to take our on-going SEO efforts in-house where we continued to be successful and soon opened up five more niche ecommerce websites. I hired a programmer, some content writers and data entry folks and we continued to optimize and grow.

After 12 years, we hit the numbers I wanted and it was time for a change. So, I decided to sell off the ecommerce businesses/websites from our portfolio and take on Harlandhills full-time as we were already serving clients with our internet marketing services. Through running the ecommerce businesses, I’ve learned that my ability to sift through the dross and come up with what is essential every time is exceptional. And that is, of course, successful online marketing campaigns.

Harlandhills represents the culmination of my entire professional life – over 20 years of doing business online both as a merchant and an Internet Marketing service provider. Online marketing, in particular SEO, has always more than paid for itself for both my businesses and each of my clients. I see numbers just like you do and understand what the “average” merchant deals with on a daily basis. We don’t use unnecessary industry buzz-words and other meaningless mumbo-jumbo. We simply roll up our sleeves and get to work. After all, you want results, and that’s exactly what I expect as well.

We do not offer every online marketing service available. We provide what I feel are the core necessities (and most profitable methods) used to be successful online. And, we’re very good at it.  We know SEO. We know marketing. We will make your business #1 online.


jason-morrow-profileTo your success,


Jason E. Morrow, CEO