Social Media

social media managementSocial Media acts as a common ground in which businesses and the general public can easily connect and have a conversation. Terms such as Blog, Tweet, Like, Circle and Follow are the vocabulary of Social Media and signifies the conversation going on regarding your business as well as brand.

Social Media enables businesses to develop connections with existing and prospective customers on a much more personalized level by offering their visitors the ability to share a wide range of content such as comments, pictures and videos.

Over the last few years, social media sites like Facebook and Twitter have grown so large that their user-base now rivals the population of large countries. Now, what company doesn’t have their Facebook page listed in their TV commercials – “Visit us on Facebook”! Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Digg, StumbleUpon, Squidoo, Wikipedia, and many others have been helping businesses reach out directly to their consumers for many years now.

Currently, Facebook, with over 902 million monthly active users, is ranked the second most visited website on the internet, only second to Google. And, with half of these users now connecting through mobile and other devices, if social media marketing is not part of your online strategy, you’re losing out.

The Problem

So many companies, including top household brands, are using social media ineffectively or flat-out wrong. They are just jumping on the band-wagon like everyone else.

The Solution

Let a seasoned Social Media marketing company manage your business and overall presence and create a campaign that aligns company objectives with your target audience expectations to create a program where we actively engage with your potential customers, who live and breathe on these sites.

As a professional Viral Marketing Agency, Harlandhills offers several Social Media Management packages.

Our skilled staff of social media networkers understand the nuances of social media and will concentrate on boosting your brand awareness and creating visits back to your site. Not all social networking websites are right for industry. We’ll begin by having a close look at your competition as well as your target market to ascertain the ideal platform to target and which is going to give you the greatest results, whether it is Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, or a combination. After our determinations are made, we may suggest an upgrade or downgrade to your selected package to more quickly expand your social network.