About Us

Hey, my name is Jason Morrow, founder of Harlandhills. And, I’ll admit, when I started my first online business – it was a little scary. But, within 12 months, my wife was able to leave her corporate job as an executive assistant to work with me where we grew the company an average of 34% annually for the next 12 years.

In growing the business, I noticed that 85% of our traffic was coming from natural search (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.). This was indeed a lightbulb moment and game-changer! So, I hired a search engine optimization company to optimize our website thereby penetrating our niche market and becoming an industry leader. This marketing campaign greatly enhancing our online exposure and within a few months we were dominating our space. We actually made it to position #1 for our primary keyword. That keyword was worth thousands of dollars to our company for more than a few years. We actually had about 40,000 keywords we ranked favorably for and the website ranked within the top 5 most visited websites in the world in it’s niche.

We started to invest into the functionality of our website by addressing issues like bounce rate, cart abandonment, merchandising and optimizing our conversion rates. I also hired the SEO company three additional times. And, after the fourth time, decided we knew enough about the process to take on our on-going SEO efforts in-house where we continued to be successful and soon opened up five more niche ecommerce websites. I hired a programmer, some content writers and data entry folks as we continued to optimize and grow.

After some time, we hit my original goal numbers and it was time for a change. So, I decided to sell off the ecommerce businesses from our portfolio and take on Harlandhills full-time as we were already serving clients with our internet marketing services. Through running the ecommerce businesses, I’ve learned that my ability to sift through the dross and come up with what is essential every time is exceptional. And that is, of course, successful online marketing campaigns.

Harlandhills represents the culmination of my entire professional life – over 25 years of doing business online both as a merchant and an internet marketing service provider. Online marketing, in particular SEO, has always more than paid for itself for both my businesses and each of my clients. I see numbers just like you do and understand what the “average” merchant deals with on a daily basis. We don’t use unnecessary industry buzz-words and other meaningless mumbo-jumbo. We simply roll up our sleeves and get to work. After all, you want results, and that’s exactly what I expect as well.

We do not offer every online marketing service available. We provide what I feel are the core necessities (and most profitable methods) used to be successful online. And, we’re very good at it.  We know SEO, paid ads, web design and refining funnels. We know online marketing. We will make your business #1 online.

To your success,

Jason E. Morrow, CEO