For some it’s more important than your website.

If you’re in charge of helping your business get more customers, this information will arm you with the know-how to turn Google My Business into a revenue-pumping machine.

No Click Searches: Instances where people are searching on Google, only to get the information they need without needing to visit any websites. Google is working hard to present the best possible answer to a query without the user having to click further and visit another site. Try Googling…

  • Definitions: what is the definition of energy
  • Miami hotels
  • Weather
  • Calculators: 2+ 1

No Click Searches now account for 47% of all search queries. And, on small screens, can account for over 60% of searches in some cases.

Google My Business has been around for quite a while – before No Click Searches were even a thing.

Here’s some of the other names it’s gone by:

  • Google Places
  • Google Maps
  • Google+
  • Google Local
  • Google Business

Google doesn’t want to send people to you unless they have to (or unless you pay for it with ads).

But the fact is – people will always want and need to speak to local businesses at some point.

Google knows this (they know a lot, after all).

So, rather than having people go to your site when they reach that point – they built an entire platform for people to connect with businesses – one that they own.

1. 46% of all Google searches have a local intent. [Source: HubSpot]

That’s about 1.6 billion searches per day where people are looking for products, services, and information in their location.

2. 93% of local searches now feature Google My Business listings. [Source: STAT Analytics]

3. 68% of people contact a business directly from search results. [Source: Search Engine Land]

If they’re on a mobile device – which we’ve established is already 50% of all web traffic (and growing) – all someone needs to do is tap a link…

And they’re calling you – or your competitor – directly from search results.

Why reviews are so important

“88% of people trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.” [Source: Forbes]

Reviews from trusted third parties – like Google – are at the core of buying behavior in 2020.

People don’t want to hear you toot your own horn.

They want others talking about how great you are – on websites they trust.

This is the single most important piece of data which speaks to the usefulness of Google My Business.

When used correctly, your Google My Business listing can become a high octane customer acquisition engine.

  • Revenue per lead (search traffic): $197
  • Revenue per lead (Google My Business traffic): $679
    • Leads from Google My Business are worth 245% more than regular search traffic.

With Google My Business people don’t need to visit your website anymore to:

  1. Call you
  2. Message you
  3. Ask questions
  4. Post reviews
  5. Find your offers and pricing
  6. …all the core functions of a company’s website.

Here’s what our program includes:

Phase 1: Listing Optimization

  • Checklists for optimizing all features of your listing
  • Turn on/off features based on your specific situation
  • Effectively optimize and geo-tag your photos
  • Get your listing verified – even in difficult markets (Google calls them “Your Money or Your Life” markets)‍

Phase 2: Citations

  • Create a complete list of citation sources, organized by your industry and geography
  • Use the list to create and provide high-converting email and web page templates for your website with the links that will effectively build citations
  • For those of you who would rather outsource this – we can provide the most reliable (and cost efficient) vendor to do so
  • An *insider tip* that gives you a competitive edge in almost every market‍

Phase 3: Review Velocity

  • Strategies and tools for automating the review process
  • High leverage executions for ramping up the velocity of your reviews
  • How to get reviews in “sensitive” industries where people don’t want to publicly talk about their experiences

Phase 4: The E3 Formula

  • Google My Business Posts (how-to, examples, templates, and a calendar to follow)
  • Expanding your visibility on Google Search and Maps (by ethically gaming the system)
  • Easy to follow strategies for increasing your listing’s engagement rates

Tracking Results
We will take a snapshot of your GMB statistics before beginning the optimization process
We can show you how to access Insights in your Google My Business account
Free and paid tools for tracking the footprint of your listings in Google Maps (very insightful, since visibility is partially dependent on user location)